About Katherine

Katherine Hauser is a community activist and member of the United Steelworkers union who works in the Facilities Department at the University of Guelph library. She is the mother of four children (ages 15, 18, 20 and 28) that she shares with the late Michael “Doogie” Hauser. Michael was the founder of the downtown bar and restaurant, Doogie’s & Pablo’s. 

Hauser says that since Michael’s death last September, she has looked for a way to give back to the community. With her children getting older, she feels that now is the time to do that as a school board trustee. “I’m immensely grateful for the experiences that my children have received in the education system over the last 20+ years. I want to see Ontario thrive as one of the world leaders in education.” She says that while the experiences her children have had in Ontario’s public school system have been mostly positive, she’s concerned by what she’s seen over the past four years under the Doug Ford government. 

“They seem to be more interested in cutting costs and provoking fights with education workers. We’ve seen a move towards increasing privatization in the education sector over the past four years. As a trustee, fighting against that privatization will be my number one priority.” 

Hauser says she is also concerned about the attacks on education workers she’s seen in the rhetoric used by Premier Ford and Education Minister Stephen Lecce.  “We need to help kids succeed by giving staff what they need.” 

In addition to fighting against privatization, Hauser says another top issue for her as a trustee will be addressing the mental health and learning gap concerns caused by the inconsistent learning conditions during the pandemic. She is also concerned with school safety and the increasing amount of violence faced by both students and education workers. “We shouldn’t have to worry about schools being safe for children to learn in and for staff to work in.”