I view the role of a Trustee as a liaison between administrators and school communities. It is their responsibility to ensure schools and staff have the ability and resources to provide the best education possible for our students. Trustees are accountable for spending public funds in the most cost effective and appropriate manner. I look forward to engaging with the school communities to determine what priorities they would like me to focus on and pursue. I will use my voice to make a difference and make sure that everyone is heard. If there are policies that are not in our best interest I will stand up and speak out against them.

As a school trustee, my priorities would be:

*Listening to school communities and making sure their concerns are heard in meetings and responded to promptly and appropriately. I will be transparent and open about voting and where we as a community stand on each initiative.

*Mental Health Initiatives: This current group of students has faced challenges like no other group in recent history. As we look at a post-Covid recovery in education, students need to be supported in order to ensure their future success.

*Creating equity for all students across all communities and schools. We need to ensure that all students feel included and valued in our school system. Proper funding for grade 9 destreaming and the inclusion of more diverse voices in our curriculum can help with this.

*Fighting against underfunding and privatization in education: The Ford government has been short changing education and the current budget did not even account for inflation post-Covid. Constant lobbying of the government is necessary to increase funding to education as an investment in our shared future.